Scam Alert:

The NC Optometry Board has received notification from two different NC licensed optometrists this week regarding someone contacting them posing as a DEA agent. The caller indicates that the optometrist's DEA number was used in a drug purchase and the optometrist is in jeopardy as a potential accomplice. The caller says that the DEA is involving the FBI in the deal to waive arrest and that the OD can avoid loss of licensure by posting a financial bond. The agent is identifying himself as Kevin McCoy. Dr. Rafferty, Executive Director, has talked to the DEA and they have assured him there is no Kevin McCoy in the DEA and that the DEA would never solicit bond payment by phone. 

We want everyone to be aware of this scheme in case you are approached in this or a similar manner. If this should happen to you, let the Board know as well as the DEA Department of Diversion (336) 547-4210. 


Information is believed to be accurate but not guaranteed.

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